Help: FAQs


Who may use these photos?

• Anyone may freely publish photos from the library in print or digital materials about SUNY Oneonta. This includes college publications and websites, news media use, and other purposes related to college activities.

• Anyone connected to SUNY Oneonta — students, faculty, staff and alumni — may freely use photos from the library for personal uses such as making prints or social media.

• Any commercial use and uses unrelated to SUNY Oneonta require permission.

How do I get permission to publish photos?

Photos may be available for commercial uses. Send a detailed inquiry to for assistance.

How do I credit these photos?

A photo credit is required for publications. The preferred format is: Photo by: Photographer’s name/SUNY Oneonta.



What is the password for downloading?

You need a password! The current password is: dragon


How big are the photos?

Most photos are at least 5600 pixels in the longest dimension. This means they can be printed 11 x 17 inches or even larger.


What size do I need?

You can save photos in 5 sizes. We recommend:

• JPEG - Original size for print needs,

• JPEG - medium (1200 pixels) for most web use,

• JPEG - small (600 pixels) for social media uses.



Do I need an account?

No. You can create a free Photoshelter account if you want to save or share photos in a lightbox. Otherwise it is not needed.

I still need help. Now what?

• For help using this site, see the Photoshelter help page:

For questions about our photos, contact us at


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